Comunicado 30 FNR Honduras

Communicado No.30 del Frente Nacional de Resistencia Contra el
Golpe de Estado en Honduras

En ingles.

Statement No. 30

The Frente Nacional de Resistencia Contra el Golpe de Estado en
Honduras communicates to the Honduran population and international

1. We denounce the manipulative actions and delaying tactics with
which the de facto regime attempts to earn more time and arrive at the
electoral farce of November 29th without reestablishing the
constitutional order and without having restituted to his legitimate
position President Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

2. We reiterate that the Honduran people do not recognize the
campaign and results of the electoral process of November 29th whilst
the dictatorial regime remains sustained by the oligarchy through the
use of arms.

3. We condemn the campaign of disinformation mounted by the
media at the service of the oligarchy, with which they intend to present
the Frente Nacional de Resistencia contra el Golpe de Estado as a
violent organization. We reiterate that the pacific methods of struggle
are the only ones that we have used during length of the 115 days of

4. We denounce the economic crisis that is being lead by the de
facto regime and that is provoking the increase of poverty levels in the

5. We manifest our indignation at the continued repression on behalf
of the State police and military which is expressed in the
assassinations of the Resistencia militants, actions of intimidation,
encircling of marches and demonstrations, illegal and immoral judicial
processes with which they pursue and imprison our colleagues, and
more recently the actions of harassment and intimidation against
teachers in all parts of the country.

6. We reiterate our unbreakable will to install a democratic and
popular Asamblea Nacional Constituyente with which we will re-found
the la patria (motherland) and emancipate the exploited working class
from a minority ruling economic class.


Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. 20 de octubre de 2009

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